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    There is a song of mine titled 'wild out', how nice to get positive critiques from industry proffesionals.
    'we love the lyrical contents and the play on words'
    'The song has a lot of potential, all it needs is a video to depict the full message.
    With that being said, I have come to realize and understand that people relate not only to what they hear but what they see as well, if a song has a good video and is played either on social media sites or tv channels, the props and messages are clearer to the viewers so that when next they listen to this song on the radio or on their respective mp3 players it subliminally creates a visual image in their minds and the songs sinks in deeper, i.e 'Oh yeah, I remember this song, it's the song shown on tv last night', or vice versa 'Oh yeah this is the song I heard on radio an hour ago.
    plz find attached a link to my single wild out. (any support would be greatly appreciated)

    Animation is far more than a fly by night type of affair..  I have seen some very realistic and otherwise spell casting anime. Very talented graphics..  There are a lot of videos that are really good even though they are not based upon personal appearance formats.. There is a cartoon entitled: "Ghost in a Shell" that has unbelievably realistic looking animation.. And we would be  willing to collaborate with a visual graphic artist who wishes to put his/her talents upon display..


    Yeah, just like that. Or, I'll download one song if you get 20 friends to like my profile and share it using the share button


    so its not acase of  'cash of I give you money to help finance the project' more a case of "I am good with graphics but poor in skill when coming to vocals for my music so why don't we exchange skills"

    OK I like that sort of scheme, consider me in. :)


    The idea is this: if people fund your project you do something that helps them in return.


    Would love some more info on this 'Fund my Project'  while I am happy and willing to assist with idea's or graphics, however I do not have spare Cash being out of work and receiving State Benefits.

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