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Sofija Knezevic -Love Will Come After..

At Starry iD we celebrate all forms of creativity.

But what happens when your creativity is so diverse that you develop an impressive portfolio of work, from singing and acting to modelling and writing? Well, Sofija Knezevic is one of those enviable people who oozes talent and is consumed by creativity. Luckily for her, creativity is essential to life but easy to define..


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Sofija is now appearing in a film called, Love Comes After, directed by Hadzi Aleksandar Djurovic. Some of her scenes have been edited into a music video and we're please to showcase it here.

Fred caught up with Sofija to take a closer look at her work and to celebrate her versatility.


So, Sofija, you have a jazzy, soulful voice as we can hear on ‘Lipstick’. But what creative work are you most proud of?



My biggest talent is singing, but I am also very proud of my writing and my piano playing.

I have to say that I enjoy performing the most. It`s the feeling of sharing your gift with people. In a way our gift gets prettier with every pair of ears that is added to it.


You have tried so many things at the age of 22! What would you like to try that you have never tried before?


I mostly try to do everything that I want to do. But I would definitely like to try acting in an Almodovar or Woody Allen movie. I am a professional at whatever I do.


Almodovar? Excellent, every role in his films is extremely challenging! Which creative people do you admire the most?


No specific person..everyone who is talented and ambitious. If I had to choose any one person who is my greatest inspiration it is my man! I also admire hard working and good people.


How do you define passion and creativity?


For me, passion and creativity are about 3 simple things: music, love and sunshine. I want these to grow and grow in 2013!


Thank you so much, Sofija and we all wish you luck at StarryID. Something tells me that we are going to her a lot more of you in 2015 and beyond. And here’s a taste of just one of your talents:


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